Friday, February 7, 2014

Restaurant Story Valentines Day Goal

💖❤️💖💋Happy Valentines!💋💖❤️💖

Hi chefs! Sorry this is late, I've been really busy lately but I've finally been able to post what I have completed so far :)
Get ready to cook up a romantic dinner for your special someone 😘

1.Season For Romance
Buy 6 Ruby Red Wallpaper
Buy 12 Ruby Red Mosaic Tiles
(I love the tiles!! Not so hard right?)
Rewards: $2,610  XP:70
Unlocks: Decadent Stove

2a. Calvary Has Arrived
Buy 1 Decadent Stove
Serve 8 Chocolate Tarts
Wow I thought there would be more to it...
Rewards: $2,850   XP: 75
Unlocks: Love Light Tables

What you need to build the Decadent Stove
5 Paint
5 Roses

Chocolate Strawberries
Chocolate Tart
Chocolate Lava Cake
Yay chocolate everything!!!

2b. The Five Ruby Award
Buy 6 Ruby Red Chairs
Buy 6 Love Light Tables
Buy 2 Heart Lights
Rewards: $2,750   XP: 70

4a. Food For The Soul
Serve 12 Chocolate Strawberries
Ask Neighbors for 10 Pink Lights
Rewards: $3,050   XP: 80
Unlocks: True Love Trees

4b. Sneak And Snoop
Visit 16 Community Members 
Leave 16 Tips
Buy 2 True Love Trees

4c. Master-Level Morsel

5. Stress To Impress (it's weird how this pops up before you reach 'Master-Level Morsel')
Buy 2 Ruby Red Ovens
Prepare 22 Prawn Cocktails
Serve 22 Prawn Cocktails
Rewards: $3,150    XP: 80

What you need to build:
5 Motors
5 Red Gears
5 Romance Ribbons

Prawn Cocktail
Mushroom Risotto
Seared Ahi

6.Romantic Risotto

7. Seared to Perfection
Prepare 30 Seared Ahi
Serve 30 Seared Ahi
Rewards: $3,650   XP: 100

Grand Prize: 

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