Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dragon Story Egyptian Prizes 3/11

Hey dragon trainers and breeders

As you've seen there is some kind of Egyptian event going on
It started on March 11, and is open for 14 days. 
This is the chance to earn Egyptian coins to unlock "individual" prizes and "community" prizes. TeamLava hasn't done events like this before except the valentines summoning which is similar. 

Here is the chart of prizes

1) 100 coins to unlock a pyramid. 

2) 400 coins to unlock the Hidden Oasis (i think it's a habitat... If  wrong correct me)

3) 900 to get Pyramid Dragon

A) But Community Prize unlocks at 750 coins

4) Sphinx Statue unlocks at 1,400 coins

A) community chest final dragon
Sphinx Dragon

5) Cleopatra Dragon
Unlocks at 1,800 coins

Here is the Community Total as of 9:15 PM PST on March 24

 I'm not quite there yet ! If you are feel free to take a snapshot/screenshot of your progress and email me at 
Or if you're on Instagram follow @teamlavagames and tag me !
Your photo will be credited and given a shoutout in the blog and Instagram :)

Here are ways to earn coins:

1.Winning a battle (which is perfect if you're interesting in winning the tournament)
You get 1 coin per win along with a gladiator helmet 

2. Harvesting food
 In this picture I just harvested my Scalypears which take 20hrs to grow so I got 20 coins. I have 6 farms so 20x6=120 coins for me ! 

3. Hatching dragons
I just hatched a Coral Dragon which takes 10 hrs breeding time so I got 10 coins. 

4. Now available in the Quest Outpost
It takes 4 hours to get 4 coins 

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