Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dragon Story Dragons of Olympus Quests 7/23

I'm so sorry for the late post dragon breeders! So many new things to keep up with! 
I'm pretty excited for these quests. There are some very beautiful and strong dragons that we can aquire!

How to get Laurel Wreaths:
1. In the Dragon Outpost on the very bottom, a new quest called Crown of Olympus is available exclusively for the Wreaths. You need a Forest Dragon and 10,000 coins. 
Every 4 hours gives you 4 Wreaths

2. The Sword of Ares
Like the Soccer Trophy in last quests, the Sword gives 4 Wreaths every 4 hours. 
DO NOT BUY !! It's no worth it and you get one free one in the quest!

3. Battles
Before the new tournament at the arena, there was an award for 1 Wreath and 1 Guardian Mace

But now because of a tournament, you get 
1 Guardian Mace 
2 Laurel Wreaths

4. Planting
I suggest as always to plant Scalypears because every time you harvest them you get 20 Wreaths times the number of farms you have. Also this means that you don't need to keep checking back on your island say if you planted the Rushrooms. 

5. Hatching Dragons
You get how ever many Wreaths by how long the breeding/hatching time was. 

1. Individual Prize: Sword of Ares
You only need 25 Wreaths to unlock

2.  Shrine of Olympus
You need 450 Wreaths to unlock the habitat, Shrine of Olympus

Oddly I found out that this habitat only holds 2. But for the first time, it is available to upgrade or even buy this habitat in the market. 

After upgrading, you can only put 3 Dragons :/

3. Statue of Zeus
You'll need 900 Wreaths

4. Poseidon Dragon
You'll need 1,700 Wreaths

5. Aphrodite Dragon
You'll need 2,600 Wreaths

The Community Prize
1A) unlocks at 600 Wreaths
And Olympus Dragon unlocks at 50,000,000 Wreaths

2A) Temple Ruins
The community needs 140,000,000 Wreaths 

3A) Ares Dragon
The community needs to get 250,000,000 Wreaths. 
As of August 2, the total is 199,867,102

Great job Dragon Story community!!!! We did it!!

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