Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dragon Story Christmas Quests and Winter Solstice Dragon Goal

Hi dragon breeders! 
Looks like there's another Christmas quest with elegant Christmas dragons!
Here I'll show you how to maximize the amount of Christmas Gifts collected)

How to get presents:

1. You only need 25 presents to get the North Pole. A North Pole will produce 8 Gifts in 4 hours. 

2. Farming
When you plant Scalypears for 20 Hours you get 20 Gifts

3. Quests
Spirit of Christmas Quest in 3 hours produces 4 Christmas Gifts

 4. Hatching eggs

Depending on incubation hours will determine how many gifts you will get. If incubation is 12 hours, 12 gifts will be given. 

5. Battles 
You will receive 2 gifts if you win 


1. North Pole
You need 25 Gifts to unlock 

2. Grand Christmas Tree
You'll need 600 Gifts to unlock

3A. Community Prizes

Once you get 650 Gifts you'll unlock the ability to get Community Prizes

To get the Snow Owl Dragon everyone has to help get 125,000,000 Gifts

3B. Christmas Cabin
We'll all need to collect 250,000,000 gifts altogether. 

3C. Poinsettia Dragon
We'll all need to collect 350,000,000 Gifts altogether. 

4. The Christmas Tree Dragon
You'll need $1,200 gifts to unlock

5. Nutcracker Dragon
You'll need 2,200 Gifts to unlock

6. Three Kings Dragon
You'll need 3,400 Gifts

So... Remember that Snow Owl Dragon we got? You'll need it for your chance to get a super rare not through breeding Winter Solstice Dragon

1. The Calling of Winter
Since you already have the Winter Owl Dragon, the first part is complete! You just need to hatch the egg. 
Rewards: $6,500     140XP

2. What A Hoot
Raise a Snow Owl Dragon to Level 6
Complete the Spirit of Christmas
Complete Volcanic Treasures 2 Times
Rewards: $6,500    140XP

3. Well, Owl Be...
Raise a Snow Owl Dragon to Level 9
Complete the Spirit of Christmas 2 Times
Complete Volcanic Treasures 2 Times
Rewards: $6,500    140XP

4. Winter is Coming

5. The Winter Solstice 
Craft the Winter Solstice Dragon

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