Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dragon Story App Update

Hi guys! The biggest app update for Dragon Story is here! 
It includes:
brand new Arctic Isles
New tropical dragons : Turtle and Seashell Dragons
So what are the Arctic Isles?
It all starts when you breed an Ice Age Dragon. Not Ice, but Ice AGE
When you click the Arctic Isles Air Balloon, your first option is to buy an Ice Age Dragon (500 gold) or breed it. 

According to GameTeep, it is said that you can get an Ice Age Dragon by breeding: Magic and Winter Dragons
I'm currently trying this combination right now. If you breed this, breeding and egg time for Ice Age Dragon is 9 hrs. 
After you get this dragon, you will be open to the Arctic Isles and breed rare types of dragons. 
Happy breeding everyone! Please comment if Magic+Winter works! 

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