Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bakery Story Arabian Nights 6/11/14

It's about time!!! 
Wow, I can't believe TeamLava finally started the Bakery Story goals! 
Usually they're on time, but I don't know what happened this time. 
Anyways! The Arabian Nights theme is very detailed with beautiful art work!  Something worth striving for! 

1. The Savory Sultan
Buy 8 Arabian Night Wallpapers
Buy 16 Magic Carpet Tiles
Costs: $7,500 X 8 + $6,500 X 16
Rewards: $2,610    70XP
Unlocks: Palace Counter

2. A Taste of Home
Buy 1 Sultan Fountain (I recommend 5 or 10 if you can)
Serve 10 Orange Sherbets
Rewards: $2,650    70XP
Unlocks: Lime Sherbet

To build the Sultan Fountain
5 Nozzles 
5 Wiring

Orange Sherbet 
Lime Sherbet
Strawberry Sherbet

3. Dignified Decor
Buy 3 Palace Counters
Buy 2 Arabian Moons
Ask Neighbors for 5 Gold Dust
Rewards: $2,700    75XP
Unlocks: Palace Pillows

4. Soverign Setting
Serve 12 Lime Sherbet
Buy 4 Palace Pillows
Buy 4 Arabian Nights Tables
Rewards: $2,750    75XP

5. A Sure Bet for Deliciousness 
Serve 15 Strawberry Sherbet
Buy 2 Magic Lamps
Rewards: $2,910   80 XP
Unlocks: Palace Ovens

6. Palace Pastries
Buy 2 Palace Stoves (you get one for free but I recommend having 5 or more)
Prepare 25 Kunafeh Pastries
Serve 25 Kunafeh Pastries 
Rewards: $2,870   80XP
Unlocks Ma'amoul Cookies

To build Palace Stove you will need:

5 Pink Fuses
5 Metal Sheets
5 Paints
5 Gas Tanks

Kunafeh Pastry
Ma'amoul Cookies
Lumet il Adi Puffs

7. Ma'amoul for Mon Ami
Prepare 30 Ma'amoul Cookies
Serve 30 Ma'amoul Cookies
Rewards: $3,280   90XP

7b.  A Royal Invitation
You just complete this first to get started on Dancing the Night Away

Visit 10 Community Members
Leave 10 Tips 
Buy 1 Sultan's Dinner
Unlocks: Lumet il Adi Puffs

8. Dancing the Night Away
Prepare 35 Lumet il Adi Puffs
Serve 35 Lumet il Adi Puffs
Rewards: $3,680   100XP

My neighbor Sweet Treats displays the Arabian Nights goal decorations wonderfully!! I love the way she incorporated the windows from the Fairytale goals as well. They look nice on the Arabian Nights Wallpaper! 
She uses the Magic Lamps as center pieces for her groups of tables and even has the Victorian Pink Couch from the Tea Time goals to add a delightful color. 
Also the Garden Glow has it's own corner :)
Congrats on finishing the goals Sweet Treats! 

Do you have a notable Bakery or Restauant with elaborate decorations and creative usage ? Feel free to email me at and send me a screenshot of your bakery/restaurant. Or direct photo/ tag me @teamlavagames on Instagram 


  1. Some people are doing wedding cake where and how do you get the oven for wedding cake??

    1. hi there! are you talking about the winter wedding cake?